Which Of These Stories Would Be Yours?

Well OMG… I’m 52 years young and had my first gushing experience ever on New Year Day!

I was quite relaxed having flown in from a vacation and went directly to my lover’s house for the evening. He’s got incredible latin passion and we have been together for only 3 months.

At the beginning he could sense that I was too preoccupied with still being a “good girl” so I asked him to help me seek my inner goddess. He generously spent lots of time down there each week and always believed that I could squirt if I could just let go…

His nickname for me was “one pop” because I was content with one good clitoral orgasm then ready for sleep. He then showed me how to have internal orgasms, lots of those! Game on!!!

So how this occurred for me was on my back, lots of foreplay with tongue and fingers. I felt I needed a little more direct stimulation so I added the Pocket Rocket on my clit then POW! Orgasm hit then large bursts of warm liquid exited uncontrollably and pulsed out. I lifted my head with a “what the hell was that?” look on my face and my BF was so proud to congratulate me on my first squirt! And he said don’t worry about the puddle, the mattress was protected in advance.

I’ve been giddy and glowing all week like a teenager; free from the shackles of my mind and seeking my next adventure.

Best wishes to great experimentation and exploration!” ~ One Pop Laura

I cannot express how awesome it was to be part of that experience with the women of my dreams!!!

“I am so excited to share this with you with a big THANKS!

About 90 days ago I purchased your FLO program.

My wife & I have been married 37 years and have 8 wonderful children.

My wife is EXTREMELY quit & reserved about sex. She makes no noise and rarely shows any type of sexual emotions. She has had clitoral orgasms in the past, fewer over the last few years. We are both in our mid-fifties. Buying the FLO & SYHO programs in hind sight was probably to high of a learning level to start with. I wanted to share that today my wife had 4 orgasms while we were making love. She has never ever had more that 1 at any given time in our love making. Her orgasms were not clitoral – they were less intense and lasted longer, involving more of her body and pelvic floor. She also squirted a small amount 🙂 I cannot express how awesome it was to be part of that experience with the women of my dreams!!!

She actually made a little noise today when she was climaxing. Though it was very slight noise, I am so excited about the journey we are taking together. I love her so much and for her to be willing to have an intimate conversation with me and engage in your programs is a real blessing. What a wonderful partner. If you have additional suggestions, we are listening. I know we have just begun and we are looking forward to future small steps!” ~ Bill

“A Week Ago She Suddenly Had A Big Breakthrough”

“He Said The Magic Words,
Just Let It All Go, Baby.”

“The first time I ejaculated, I was SO turned on and my partner and I had been having sex for a couple hours. There was lots of fingering and oral and I felt this sweet pressure just building and building…and I reached a point where I felt like I had to totally explode. I felt like I was holding back because I was scared of letting go into the feeling. My partner sensed that I was on the verge of exploding or coming and he said the magic words – ”Just let it all go baby.”

“And my body responded because it gave me the permission I needed and …WOW! I let out this huge squeel and then roar and out came this huge gush of liquid all over the place. Just the thought of how exhilerating this was for me and my partner sends shivers up my spine. I just laughed and laughed and felt high as a kite. It was a first time experience for both of us and now the floodgates are open and I feel a new kind of sexual power I never have felt before.” ~ CN, Washington

Watch Addriana’s Eyes Light Up

“I Think Guys Like Myself
REALLY Appreciate Guidance”

“My ex-girlfriend would actually say or scream, ‘I’m coming!’ and that was extremely helpful to know when she was having an orgasm. She would sometimes order me to touch her this way or that. I loved how direct she was and it made it easier to feel more confident about my lovemaking techniques and feel exhilarated when she would come and in turn, I’m sure she was happy that I was following direction well! After that relationship ended, I started seeing a woman who was almost the opposite. I had NO idea when she was coming–if she was coming, and only a vague idea if she was actually enjoying herself. I realized how spoiled I was in my prior relationship and it felt like I went from being a top notch lover to being very second rate. I think guys like myself REALLY appreciate guidance. Women are very complex and as much as I’d like to think I could get it right every time, I appreciate direction from a woman who really knows how she likes it.” ~ T.B., Maryland

When My Partner Strokes Me,
Peaks Me, Teases Me…

“I love the satisfying pleasure of squirting, over and over. The release, the push out, the exquisite sensations deep in my body… When my partner strokes me, peaks me, and teases me into squirting, I can surrender to my turn on and just ride the sensation… I feel like the sexiest, hottest woman in the world.” ~ Shannon V., Ann Arbor, MI

“The Difference I Could Play on a Cello.”


Years ago I learned about squirting from another source.

Then through Susan & Tim’s Personal Life Media emails, I read what you teach and the loving methods described by you.

My god, the difference I could play on a cello.
Thanks from my fiancée and me.

~ Matthew D.

“Towel After Towel After Towel Got Drenched”

“Thank you for a most enlightening and empowering workshop. For my beloved partner, you opened up the floodgates to let a lifetime of held-back orgasms come pouring out. You showed me a new way to love her more fully. With what you taught us, she came and came and came and came … and towel after towel after towel got drenched … and it was, for the first time in her life, perfectly OK!” ~ Photographer

“The Common Denominator Really Is Feeling Safe”

“I have found that I cannot ejaculate when I am with a partner who I don’t feel totally safe or comfortable with. I have mentioned to some guys that I have been known to squirt from time to time, and with some guys it feels like it’s their goal to make me ejaculate and then I feel pressure and performance anxiety whereas the guys that were sweet and happy if it happened or not were the ones I would ejaculate with. I had one partner who was like a cheerleader and said in a very sexy way, “give it to me baby” or “there you go- that’a girl!” “You got some more for me?” etc. that really got me going. Then there was this guy who I could not ejaculate with even if I wanted to who seemed rather frightened by the whole idea. I don’t think he would have enjoyed it and was more of a selfish lover anyways. It amazes me tho how tempermental ejaculating really is–from partner to partner or different moods I’m in. I notice the common denominator really is feeling safe with my partner.” ~ A.S., El Cerrito, CA

“AWESOME!” ~ Carol N.

“My Girlfriend Made Me Read It”

“I Was Convinced I Didn’t Have a G-Spot”

“Whenever I hear my girlfriends talking about how they had discovered their G spots, I immediately felt uncomfortable because I was convinced that I didn’t have one. I had never had an orgasm from intercourse and didn’t particularly like to be fingered by a guy. I had moments where it might have felt good but I never felt the kinds of sensations my friends were talking about. So of course I went around thinking that there was something wrong with me and that I simply didn’t have a g spot. It wasn’t until just last year that I randomly stumbled upon a g spot video online and realized that I did in fact have a g spot. First of all, I had thought that it was much farther back when really it was right there! I mean it was right near the vaginal entrance. It was much bigger than I thought. I had NEVER had a guy curl his fingers up towards it before and neither had I–so it never really got much stimulation. Now I have all sorts of G spot toys and feel delighted that there is nothing wrong with me, AND i’m thoroughly enjoying exploring it!” ~ S.W., Minnesota

“Well, I’m Quite Proud Of Myself.”

“Ejaculating was something I actually taught myself after learning about it from you. I’ve considered myself fairly orgasmic and I knew where my G spot was. I had also recalled a few times where I had gotten exceptionally wet or times when I had felt like I had to pee or had peed a tiny bit. I realized that I was probably ejaculating when I thought that I was peeing a little.

“I went out and bought myself a gspot toy and masturbated with a big towel underneath. It took me a couple sessions, but I realized that I was able to ejaculate a little and then gradually more and more if I stimulated my G spot a lot and somewhat rigorously. I also ejaculated when I pulled the toy out and rubbed it vertically up and down from my clit down to the vaginal opening. I feel like I have this new thing and I was able to teach myself and to be honest—well i’m quite proud of myself.” ~ Melanie, TX

“One Day During a Marathon G Spot Stroking Session…”

“I was reasonably aware of the concept of female ejaculation from a girlfriend who shared with me that she soaked the bed when orgasming during stroking sessions with her boyfriend.

I envisioned the deep release one gets from ejaculating. I wanted it. So I enrolled (quite willingly and excitedly) my husband in adding more G-spot focus to our genital massage “dates.”

I remember consciously practicing opening my pussy like an ever-blooming lotus during our “dates,” rather than squeezing up like I would to have a clitoral climax in the past.

Breathe. Open. Breathe. Open. Breath. Open. Reach, reach, reach.

One day, during a marathon stroking session while on vacation, I pushed out and let go and felt the first wetness of Amrita. Bing! Bing! Bing! We felt like we hit the jackpot.

From there, we kept practicing, creating ever more delicious release as we refined our mutual techniques. Now I can squirt when my husband is stroking me manually and when we have intercourse.

He loves the feeling of me coming on his penis when he’s inside me.

Tallulah is right. I am a Super Juicy Sex Goddess and that power permeates my entire life. Oh, yeah!” ~ Lotus, Bay Area, CA

I Was So Scared To “Make A Mess.”

“I realized that for years and years of my sexual life that I was so scared to “make a mess.” I guess I had some voice within me that thought it wasn’t sexy or that my boyfriend would be upset. I also didn’t want to be loud and was very self-conscious.

It wasn’t until I had a boyfriend who was very passionate and encouraged me to surrender and be loud if I needed, that I realized that in all my worrying and self-consciousness, I had totally not even been in touch with my sexuality. I realized that I had been holding back a lot and that men actually like when a woman is totally expressive and truly turned on.

It took some practice and time before I was able to just surrender and not only did I experience multiple orgasms with my new boyfriend, but on occasion I would actually ejaculate and gasp” ~ make a mess!

“I think back to all of those years that I was not authentically enjoying myself and simply playing a role that wasn’t me….better late than never-right?” ~ LT, CA

“Clitorial Orgasms Are Child’s Play”

““My husband loves it when I ejaculate. He was really the one driving our learning. For what ever reason, he thinks squirting is the hottest thing in the world. So I decided to learn. He has gotten really good at technique and I went from feeling a little bit of wetness in my vagina to squirting a LOT, over and over as he brings me to orgasm after orgasm.”

“Clitoral orgasms are as you say, Tallulah, “child’s play” now. Our sex is hotter than ever and I love coming for an hour and then making love. Is there ANYTHING better than G-Spot ejaculatory orgasms? Wheee!” ~ Karen C., Huge Fan of Tallulah’s, Brisbane, CA

“Is There Something Wrong With My Vagina?”

“I am a woman in my mid 40’s and I’ve always felt like there was something wrong with my vagina. I have somewhat large inner lips and have always been worried that I don’t look normal. Whenever my ex-husband would tell me that it was beautiful, I always rolled my eyes and thought he was just saying that because I really didn’t believe it. I never wanted oral sex because I thought he would see it up close and would know that there was something wrong with it. I went to see “The Vagina Monologues” with some friends and realized that I wasn’t the only one who was worried about what my vagina looked like. Afterwards I looked at her in the mirror again but saw her with different eyes. I started crying when I realized that I didn’t even know what “nor- mal” looked like. There wasn’t anything wrong with me–I just had to change my perception. I even called my ex-husband and asked him if he really meant it when he said my vagina was beautiful and he said,_ ‘Of course dear, I meant it with all my heart.’_” ~ Withheld By Request

Sherry’s Recommendation
Creative Commons Attribution: “Crystal Arch” image by Scott Robinson from Flickr – thank you.

“Knowing My Partner Can Listen and Read Along Really Helps Me”

“I really do thank you for this information you have given me. It will get me comfortable with my body and knowing my partner can also listen and understand by listening to the information along with me. I look forward to hearing and learning more from you. Thank You.” ~ Corinna

“Tallulah, you are an inspiration…”

“Tallulah,you are an inspiration… I am in a 19-year marriage that is experiencing a lot of strain. My wife “Juliet” is able to climax numerous times through clitoral stimulation, when she feels good about things… unfortunately that has been difficult lately, really for the last four years. However, our best times have been when she has been able to “let go” and truly enjoy herself.” ~ Coach T

“Now I understand why men think about sex all the time!”

“My husband and I have been on a sexual journey of epic proportions in the past 9 months.

We have always had an incredible sex life, but my husband suggested that he thought I was still holding back. At first I didn’t agree, but then I started thinking about it and realized he was right. I had been taught growing up to be a good girl and it was hard for me to let go of those feelings and really accept what turns me on and what I wanted sexually.

First my husband gave me permission to do anything I wanted and to let go and then I gave myself the same permission. It has drastically changed our sex life for the better.

One night, quite by accident, I had a squirting orgasm. It was incredible and I wanted to know more, because I didn’t even know it was possible until then. I did a lot of research and read a lot of articles about it. I discovered the more I let go and let it happen, the more my pleasure would increase and the more it would happen.

So now instead of only ejaculating when I was highly aroused, I am able to ejaculate several times during a sexual encounter. It is incredible and I highly recommend it to all women who want more from their sex lives but, I think women need to know it will forge a bond with your partner that is stronger than ever before. Once you trust a partner enough to let them give you a squirting orgasm, you will crave it like never before. Now I understand why men think about sex all the time!” ~ Sam (woman)

“Your course helped me to understand some techniques, so I can squirt.”

Dear Tallulah,

I did not have any of the “5 reasons why i could not squirt.” I had once squirted, last May, and was surprised. It just happened. It felt great and it was a squirt outward.(prolonged self-stimulation)

So I wanted to repeat it. But I could not do it.
I knew where the G-Spot was, but could not get it stimulated myself. (no regular partner)

So until I bought a particular G-Spot toy (the stainless steel one at about 100 dollars with the large knob at one end and small one at other end) I could not properly stimulate it on my own with the G-Spot toy I had before.

Once I had that stainless toy, I began to feel it. The pee sensation was there easily.

Your course helped me to understand some techniques, so I can squirt here and there, but no “squirt.” It is a gush of fluid that rolls down.

I am working on kegels, maybe that is it.

But I have yet to have G-Spot orgasm, it seems to need clit – never g-spot alone.
I learned about releasing objects from my vagina from you to leave room to squirt, and about pushing outward, and sloshing sounds, so far.

Thank you. I hope to progress. ~ AA

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