“She’ll Squirt For You.”

Your Tongue And Fingers Tease, Please, And Intensify Her Turn-On With Masterful G-Spot Stroking…

Leading Her To The Most Erotic, Explosive, Squirting Orgasms She’s Ever Had In Her Entire Life…


The bed is soaked. You’re both lying in a pool of her love juice. You smell a whiff of the scent, like light hay — fresh and intoxicating.

“Make me squirt again, baby!”

Where does all that liquid come from! Oh my god!

All you and she knows is that this is the most uninhibited sex you’ve ever had together.

Multiple wet, squirting orgasms rolling off of your fingers, tongue and tool again… and again… and again…
Both of you are amazed at and in awe of how much she’s actually squirting…

At how hot and good it feels for her…

And how freaking fantastic it feels for YOU being able to give her this gift…

As she collapses in your arms, trying to catch her breath, looking at you with love and adoration, she gets up the energy to whisper…

“I have one more squirt in me, baby. Just one more time?”

Let Me Show You How To Make Her
Squirt Her Heart Out

Make Her SquirtNow, if you want to know my best secrets to making a woman squirt out her warm sex juices all over you, keep reading. I’ll show you everything you need to know… and I do mean everything.

But first, let me tell you a story about John.

John was someone you would call, a “squirting fiend.” Ever since he saw a video of a woman squirting, he was hooked.

He loved and craved the feeling of getting soaking wet in a woman’s sex juices. He loved going down on a woman and having her squirt in his mouth. The thought made him harder and hornier. He made sure whenever he had sex with a girl, he would make her squirt.

However, with his girlfriend, a sexy brunette, things didn’t go as planned.

He couldn’t get her to squirt. No matter what he did. And it drove him crazy.

Every time they had sex he would do the “come hither” stroke like crazy. But her beautiful, enticing, Yoni wouldn’t give.

Zero orgasms. Zero squirting.

Why Couldn’t He Make Her Squirt?
The answer is simple.

A woman’s body and her turn-on is complex. A rare few may be able to squirt easily with the simple “come hither” stroke. However, most don’t.

After years of helping women ejaculate, I discovered that you need 3 critical things for her to release and gush out her pussy juices as much as she wants, and I’ll tell you all about it in a minute.

And as for John, when he heard about me and my stroke techniques and workshops, his sex life changed forever.

Now He Makes His Lover
Squirt Fountains In Bed
Not just once, but multiple freakin’ times.

Every time his super soaker begs for sex, he fulfills his fantasies of getting drenched in his woman’s peachy fluids.

And it’s going to be the same for you too.

With the power of my “Female Liquid Orgasm” techniques, you can give your lover the orgasms she has never experienced with anyone before…

Orgasms that leave her sexually empowered and totally satiated, affirming in her mind that you are by far and away the single best lover in her world.

Would you like that?

Well, what if you could predictably and reliably deliver her into a state of liquid sensation as you coax multiple, ejaculatory orgasms out of her whenever she wants.

After you read this page tonight, this fantasy is going to turn into reality.

But first, let me ask you something…
Is Your Lover Stuck In A “No-FLO” State?
In a recent study we conducted of sexually adventurous women, 62% had already tried squirting.

However, among the women who’d tried it, only 6% said they “always” experience it during sex, while the rest said it was a “hit or miss”.

Whether this will be your first time making a woman squirt… Or if she has never had one before, even with past lovers… Or if she HAS squirted with another guy but can’t seem to repeat the pleasure with you…

Then she’s in what I like to call a “No-FLO” state.

3 Reasons Why She’s Not Squirting… Yet
Reason #1: You Haven’t Found Her “SPOT”
A lot of guys believe the G-Spot is in the same place for every woman. Just put your fingers in, twist them upwards, and you’re there, right?

Well, not really.

The truth is it’s not a single “spot” at all. I call it the G-Area because It’s actually an area with multiple pleasure points and varying levels of sensitivity depending on the day. Women are cyclical creatures, and what gets her off on Wednesday isn’t what does it for her by Sunday.

G-Spot orgasms are completely different from female ejaculation or squirting as many call it. Knowing how to locate her most pleasurable points in the moment is the first key to G-Spot orgasms. But making her squirt requires more than G-Spot stimulation for the majority of women.

And I’ll show you exactly how to pleasure her ENTIRE G-Area, including the urethral opening. There are several stroke sequences that take her from breathtaking G-Spot orgasms to explosive female ejaculation.

Hint: They’re two different kinds of experiences, and I’ll show you how to give her BOTH — even at the same time for double the pleasure.
  • Step-by-step Guide To Locating Her Peak Pleasure Points With Pinpoint Accuracy…
  • How To Spot (And Pleasure) The 2 Most Sensitive Parts Of Her G-Area…
  • Up-Close Photos, Illustrations And Videos To Guide You Inside Her…
Reason #2: You’re Not Stroking The RIGHT Way
Most guys only know to stroke the G-Spot using the “Come Hither” motion, and furiously finger-force a woman to orgasm. This is WRONG on so many levels!

Just because it’s in porn doesn’t mean it’s effective.

In many cases, the “Come Hither” stroke isn’t even the best way to coax her ejaculate out of her. You need an arsenal of stroke techniques while varying speed, pressure, location, and depth to help her squirt. And I’ll show you exactly how to be a master at providing the variety of sensation to unleash a torrent of fluid.

She’ll surprise even herself with her body’s reactions to my stroke patterns. Very few lovers in the world know how to do this, but you will.

  • 5 G-Area Stimulation Methods That Melt Her Into Bliss
  • An 11 Step-by-step Guide To Yoni Massage – A “Sensual Genital Massage” That Opens Her Up to Her Squirting Potential
  • Then When She Is Juiced Up And Her G-Area is Fully Erect, You Give Her The “Middle Ring Move,” Where She’ll Be Begging You For More, More, and More! ( This Technique Alone Is Priceless.)
Reason #3: She’s Not Allowing Herself To Squirt
The BIGGEST block to a woman’s ability to squirt is when her vulva isn’t “awakened.”

Without priming and awakening her delicate flower, she will never reach the point of releasing her love juices all over you. And if she isn’t “allowing” herself to squirt, her body will keep all of it in.

I’ll give you all the tools and techniques you can use to coach your woman so she can allow her mind and body to enter into a state of trust, surrender, and pure erotic pleasure. Sensations so high and so strong, she won’t be able to resist squirting her heart out.

Hint: They’re two different kinds of experiences, and I’ll show you how to give her BOTH — even at the same time for double the pleasure.
  • Tender And Sensual Strategies To Coach And Encourage Her So She Can Just “Let It Go!”
  • What To Do If She Feels Like She Has To Pee And Has A Fear Of Pushing Out Or Wetting The Bed .
  • How To Prevent Yourself From Blocking Her Urethral Opening (A Rookie Mistake That Prevents Squirting).
How Do I Know All This?
Tallulah SulisHi, my name is Tallulah Sulis. I’m a Certified Somatic Sexologist, sex educator, coach, and healer. I’ve devoted my life to removing the veil of mystery behind female ejaculation.

I’ve been helping men and women achieve the exquisite opportunity of having squirting orgasms through heart-connected techniques and exercises.

After teaching workshop after workshop, I’ve developed specific stroke techniques and patterns to make squirting orgasms easier for women and their partners.

But because I wanted my techniques to be available to anyone anywhere in the world, I partnered with Susan Bratton and compiled everything into an online program you can watch from the privacy of your own home.

“Female Liquid Orgasm” is for any lover who wants to give their woman the most intense orgasmic experience she will ever have. And to any woman who wants to experience the healing release of female ejaculation with her partner or by herself.

“With what you taught us, she came and came and came and came … and towel after towel after towel got drenched … and it was, for the first time in her life, perfectly OK!” ~ Phil

“Tallulah, you are the best. You teach squirting with tender love & care. Thank you!” ~ Don

Every Woman Has The Ability
(And The Desire) To Squirt Her Heart Out, BUT…
A lot of women (and their partners) can’t even successfully locate and stimulate the G-Area, much less experience female ejaculation.

We’ve never really been taught how to do it the RIGHT way.

And that’s why lots of us find it confusing, and sometimes almost impossible to give and experience female ejaculation.

With my help, you can be her Sexual Coach and give her this orgasmic and healing experience for the very first time… and every single time you want.
I call this the “Goddess Healing Massage.”

Stroking a woman’s G-Area with my stroke patterns and calming techniques helps her release pent up sexual energy, as well as any negative mindsets, experiences, and trauma she may have had in the past…

These massage techniques open up her pleasure pathways so she can surrender to you in orgasmic bliss, unlocking her ability to gush out her love juices as much as she wants.

Her body will trust you.

female liquid orgasm
Getting Her To Squirt Will Be Your Sexual
“Medal of Honor.”
Here’s some of what you’re going to discover inside:
  • How ejaculation will actually make her love her body MORE than she does now and feel more confident about how her body looks and operates.
  • How to confidently approach and introduce to her the idea of female ejaculation, or the way you can take her ejaculatory responses to a whole new dimension.
  • The way to get to the heart of her Yoni (which means “portal” in sanskrit, and what many women like to call their vulva), finding her G-Spot (it’s different for every woman!) and taking her from G-Spot stimulation and orgasms to full-on squirting orgasms.

“I love the satisfying pleasure of squirting, over and over. I feel like the sexiest, hottest woman in the world.” ~ Shannon

My program will show you how to…
Be Her Sexual Coach and Lover So
She Can Squirt Her Heart Out For You
You become her ultimate lover, taking her sensuality to a whole new level she’s never even imagined.

And that’s not all…

When you take her to these places of total surrender… when you shake her to the core of her body with the deepest, most satisfying orgasms she’s ever had, you will massively expand her capacity to receive pleasure.

These stroke patterns I demonstrate in Female Liquid Orgasm expand her neural pathways to pleasure (she’ll feel more sensation). And these strokes provide angiogenesis too — which means her blood vessels and capillaries will bring more blood into her genitals, which in turn ALSO heighten her feelings of pleasure.

Giving her G-Spot orgasms and helping her ejaculate will make her clitoral orgasms feel ten times better too. All of a sudden, her entire orgasmic potential will get a massive upgrade.

If she’s not having multiple orgasms now. She will.

If she’s not having vaginal orgasms from intercourse, this will set her on the course to come when you’re penetrating her.

And the first time she squirts on your manhood, while you’re inside her… I want you to email me!

“Now we are at 9 sex sessions a month with multi O’s of squirting. My lady wants sex 4 out of 5 times I want it, compared to what used to be 2 out of that 5.” ~ Jason

If you’re ready to get started…
“Female Liquid Orgasm”
Has The Videos With The Crucial Strokes
Female Liquid Orgasms is the advanced system of strokes and communication techniques I perfected in my female ejaculation workshops. And you can learn them in a series of 7 simple videos.

This knowledge and these practices can change a woman’s body (and your moods & relationship) for good.

Over 3,000 Happy Squirters And Counting!
female liquid orgasm
Why “Female Liquid Orgasm” Is Different And Better Than Everything Else
A lot of men learn about squirting techniques from porn or similar sources.

However, as Aaron Spitz, MD, author of The Penis Book said, “Learning sex from porn is like learning to drive by watching the Fast And The Furious — you will eventually crash.”

You need to watch regular women and know the subtle nuances you need to take her to full-on female ejaculation.

And that’s exactly what FLO gives you.

Real techniques, with real women having
real squirting orgasms.
  • I’ll show you over a dozen reasons why women LOVE the feeling of squirting (When your “squirting virgin” lover hears these, she’s going to get excited for her FIRST time with you!)
  • When she experiences her first squirting orgasm with you, she’ll see YOU as her “Ultimate Lover,” the ONLY man who has ever taken her to this level of sexual climax, an experience she’s going to remember for the rest of her life…
  • Women LOVE, adore, and go crazy for a man who can help her release her feminine waters in the most erotic and sexually healing way imaginable… (You’ll also know how to wipe away all her emotional blocks preventing her from ejaculating)
  • You can’t “fake a squirt,” and when she soaks your manhood with her gushing love waters, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing YOU made her come so hard she exploded all over you…
  • For single guys, remember you can use these stroke techniques on ANY woman (which means you can make all your future girlfriends and lovers squirt their hearts out!)
Couples “Gush” About FLO

“My woman has learned to squirt and enjoys her orgasms very much. And she is 62 years old! The last time, she squirted 7 times in 5 minutes while I was down there. I know she enjoyed it as she held the back of my head, pushing very hard into her. It was amazing. And the feel of her squirting when I am penetrating her is awesome. Watching her squirt when I pull out is fantastic and the look on her face tells it all. ” ~ Mike

“I realized that I was able to ejaculate a little and then gradually more and more I feel like I have this new thing and I was able to teach myself and to be honest—well i’m quite proud of myself.” ~ Melanie

“One day, during a marathon stroking session with my husband, we felt the first wetness of Amrita. Bing! Bing! Bing! We felt like we hit the jackpot. He loves the feeling of me coming on his penis when he’s inside me. Tallulah is right. I am a Super Juicy Sex Goddess, and that power permeates my entire life. Oh, yeah!” ~ Lotus

BAM! Here’s Everything You’re Getting
Start Here Guides
“Liquid Orgasms Revealed” to be her masculine sexual guide for guaranteed confidence, enhanced pleasure, sexual healing, and more satisfying lovemaking.

“Squirt Your Heart Out” to experience the liquid bliss of female ejaculation and be your own guide to sexual healing, gushing orgasms and the sweetest release you can imagine.

7 Step-By-Step Stroking Video Sessions
Watch Robert stroke Ripple into squirting ecstasy. Includes 7 exclusive, explicit yet tasteful videos of an actual “squirt date” with my step-by-step instruction. Listen and see what the stroke patterns are and how to coax out that divine nectar inside every woman.
9 Video Demonstrations
Sensitive, artful training videos that show real women ejaculating. Includes extraordinary footage, tastefully produced with art and imagery that celebrates the divine feminine. See the variety of ways women release their Amrita (ejaculate fluid) — solo self-pleasuring, partnered, with toys, with fingers, mouth and penis.
6 Audio Tutorials
Listen to me as I talk you through your journey. Get encouragement, insight, and deeper explanations with your guided audio adventures. Sets the mood for growing your ejaculatory skills from a trickler to a gusher.
4 Audio Interviews
I interview sexual experts for their best kept secrets about female ejaculation. Hear more on the subject of squirting from those who have devoted their lives to the field of orgasmic potential.
Toy Resource Guide
G-Spot sex toys I personally recommend for G-Spot orgasms and female ejaculation. From pelvic exercisers to vibrators and G-spot wands, to sensual furniture and waterproofing options, to the “Rolls Royce” of lubricants and more. Sex toys can be TOXIC. Let me guide you into good decision-making.
Here’s A Deeper, More Intimate Look
At Everything You’re Getting Inside
  • 27 Ways To Find Her G-spot You Can Use In Different Sex Positions And Pleasure Pathways.
  • 27 Slow Sex Warm Up Techniques To Put All You’ve Learned Together And Get Started.
  • 24 Ways To Use Blended Orgasms To Enhance Her Tantalizing Experience And Take It Up Several Notches Higher.
  • How To Blend The 7 Different Kinds Of Female Orgasms, From Clitoral To Cervical And Beyond.

“I have been fortunate enough to experience the lovely and awesome feeling of squirting through oral and fingering, Omg!!! That’s an amazing feeling!” ~ Marlena

  • 12 Partner Intercourse Techniques For Ejaculating With (Or On) Your Partner
  • How To Coach Her Into Pumping Hot, Orgasmic Energy, Through Her Body And Flush Out “FLO-blocking” Energy
  • 3 Squirting Methods And Why Knowing Them Will Show You Exactly Where To Start Your Ejaculatory Journey Together
  • Solo Hands-on Exercises She Can Use To Give Herself Squirting Orgasms On Command
  • How To Give Her A Sensual “Goddess Healing Massage” She Will Remember Forever
  • Shallow Thrusting, Fwap-Fwapping And The Man Handle — 3 Of My Favorite Positions For Ejaculating During Intercourse
  • Recommendations For The Right Lubes To Use During Different Parts Of The Stroking Patterns. Remember, It’s Going To Get Washed Off When She Starts Releasing Her Feminine Waters. You Need The Most Appropriate Lubrication Available And I’ll Tell You What Works Best.
And lots more…
Save $100 When You Try FLO Today
female liquid orgasm
All This Can Be Yours Tonight
For Just $197 $97 Only
This is the same information I share in my weekend workshops that would, depending on where you live, cost anywhere between $500 to $2,000 dollars.
The complete FLO program retails at $197, but I have a proposal for you to save one hundred dollars when you get Female Liquid Orgasm today.
We recently carried out a survey involving over 17,500 people regarding their top sexual desires. These were REAL people — men, women, and everyone across the gender spectrum.

And the results were SHOCKING!

The summary showed that the #1 top desire for both men AND women is to give/receive female ejaculation or squirting orgasms.

And with results like that, you can’t deny people what they want. I want YOU and YOUR LOVER to experience the beauty of squirting orgasms for yourselves.

So I’m going to give you a HUGE $100 DISCOUNT and drop the price down to just $97 on one condition.

IF you promise to get the program and truly give squirting orgasms a GO…

So that when you FINALLY experience it for yourselves — in that moment when you first see fluid gushing out of your woman…

I want you to remember this promise and just send me a quick note or an email letting me know.

We’ve sold over 3,000+ units of FLO, and so many people use my stroking techniques and have squirting orgasms each day… and I don’t get to hear about even half of them.

I want to be in on it too!

Because I want to know that your sex life has been blessed with the experience of squirting orgasms too.

You’re Protected By My Worry-Free
100% Happiness Guarantee
To make this an even sweeter, no-brainer decision for you, I’m going to take all the risk from you.

If my Worry-Free 100% Happiness Guarantee isn’t fulfilled and you’re not satisfied with FLO, just let me know and I’ll give you your money-back no questions asked.

Guarantee #1: “G-Spot Accuracy” Guarantee
After going through the FLO program, you’ll be able to spot your lover’s (and/or future lovers’) G-Spot with pinpoint accuracy.
Guarantee #2: “Stroke Maestro” Guarantee
You’ll also have a wide range of G-Spot stroking and mastery techniques that have been proven to drive women over the edge and into full-body squirting orgasms over and over again.
Guarantee #3: Awaken Her Vulva Guarantee
You will know exactly how to “awaken” a woman’s vulva so she can allow herself to experience the best squirting orgasms of her life. Nothing’s going to stop the flowing waters once the floodgates are opened!

“I have realized that it’s one thing for her to have an orgasm and a completely different level when she is having a squirting orgasm.” ~ Mark

“Years ago I learned about squirting from porn. Then recently through you. I read what you teach and the loving methods you described. My god, the difference I could play on a cello.” ~ Matt

“When he said the magic words… my body responded because it gave me the permission I needed… and WOW! I let out this huge gush of liquid all over the place. Just the thought of how exhilarating this was for me and my partner sends shivers up my spine.” ~ Christine

female liquid orgasm
You Have To Hurry And Get It Now…
She’s Been Fantasizing About
Squirting All Her Life…
The sooner you master the art of giving her explosive, squirting orgasms whenever you have sex, the sooner she can stop wondering…

“Why can’t my lover make me squirt?”

“Will I ever be able to squirt?”

You see, women are very much aware of female ejaculation these days.

And I’m willing to bet YOUR woman knows about it too.

“Well OMG… I’m 52 years young and had my first gushing experience ever on New Years Day!” ~ Laura

She’s heard about it. She’s read about it. Her friends talk about it. Some of them have squirted already.

She wants to try it. She wants to experience it fully with her body.

And most of all, she wants you to give it to her.
But I’m ALSO willing to bet she’s pretty shy or conservative about asking you.

That’s why she just puts off her curiosity and desire to explore her sexual capabilities with you. She doesn’t want to look like a “freak” to her manly lover… even if that’s what YOU want her to be.

Female Liquid Orgasm Isn’t Just About
Pleasure… It’s Also About Emotional
Cleansing And Sexual Healing
And because you’re her Sexual Coach, you already know it’s your duty to lovingly guide her through NEW sensual experiences… And into wild, screaming, squirting orgasms.
To give her the chance to trust and surrender to you fully…

To cleanse and heal her from a emotional baggage, sexual inhibition, and pent-up energy.

For you, ejaculation is like cleaning your pipes, stepping on the gas of your car and blasting forward as your head gets knocked backwards from the sheer force.

It’s like that for her too!

When she squirts, it’s like a sudden sexual energy blasts her forward as she releases all that turn on, pleasure, and pent-up emotions.

She’s waiting for YOU to set her free. To expertly, accurately, and masterfully take her turn-on to her most climactic state…

“My woman wants to squirt after I told her about it. I will relish her squirting every day.” ~ Matt

“Thanks to you, I’ve led women to multiple, layered, and squirting orgasms! I really enjoyed the look of ecstasy on their faces. Beautiful! ~ Clinton

Are You Ready To
Take Her Over Her Edge?
Be her hero.

Be the man to introduce her to a whole new universe of orgasmic pleasure.

Imagine how it would feel when you approach her with a sense of cock-sure confidence, because you have the techniques and the process to bring any woman to her most heightened orgasmic state possible — the ULTIMATE orgasm.

That wet, wild experience of making love to her and making her squirt all over your manhood.

When she finally knocks this off her sexual bucket list tonight, she’s going to think…

“What else can I do with my body?”

You can get your woman to start squirting as soon as tonight.

“I cannot express how awesome it was to be part of that experience with the woman of my dreams!” ~ Bill

Some women may take a few days, but my videos, demos, audios, and stroke techniques will take you both to squirting heaven.

All you have to do is to click the button below to get started immediately.

See you on the other side, lover.

To Squirting Heaven,

“I just had my first squirting orgasm! I loved it!!!!” ~ Yonina

“I was so scared to make a mess… but it turns out I can actually control how much and how little I can squirt!” ~ Lita

All models appearing in this work were adults over 18 at the time of filming. Records required by 18 U.S.C. §2257 are held by the custodian of records, T. Bratton, at 1 El Capitan Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941.