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Female Liquid Orgasm is the advanced system of stroke patterns and sensual communication techniques I perfected in my live female ejaculation events I call, “Squirtshop” workshops.

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Start Here Guides

“Liquid Orgasms Revealed” to be her masculine sexual guide for guaranteed confidence, enhanced pleasure, sexual healing, and more satisfying lovemaking.

“Squirt Your Heart Out” to experience the liquid bliss of female ejaculation and be your own guide to sexual healing, gushing orgasms and the sweetest release you can imagine.

7 Step-By-Step Stroking Video Sessions

Watch Robert stroke Ripple into squirting ecstasy. Includes 7 exclusive, explicit yet tasteful videos of an actual “squirt date” with my step-by-step instruction. Listen and see what the stroke patterns are and how to coax out that divine nectar inside every woman.

9 Video Demonstrations

Sensitive, artful training videos that show real women ejaculating. Includes extraordinary footage, tastefully produced with art and imagery that celebrates the divine feminine. See the variety of ways women release their Amrita (ejaculate fluid) — solo self-pleasuring, partnered, with toys, with fingers, mouth and penis.

6 Audio Tutorials

Listen to me as I talk you through your journey. Get encouragement, insight, and deeper explanations with your guided audio adventures. Sets the mood for growing your ejaculatory skills from a trickle to a gusher.

4 Audio Interviews

I interview sexual experts for their best kept secrets about female ejaculation. Hear more on the subject of squirting from those who devote their lives to the field of orgasmic potential.

Toy Resource Guide

G-Spot sex toys I personally recommend for G-Spot orgasms and female ejaculation. From pelvic exercisers, to vibrators and G-spot wands, to sensual furniture and waterproofing options, to the “Rolls Royce” of lubricants and more. Sex toys can be TOXIC. Let me guide you into good decision-making.

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“My woman has learned to squirt and enjoys her orgasms very much. And she is 62 years old! The last time, she squirted 7 times in 5 minutes while I was down there. I know she enjoyed it as she held the back of my head, pushing very hard into her. It was amazing. And the feel of her squirting when I am penetrating her is awesome. Watching her squirt when I pull out is fantastic and the look on her face tells it all. ” ~ Mike

“I realized that I was able to ejaculate a little and then gradually more and more I feel like I have this new thing and I was able to teach myself and to be honest—well i’m quite proud of myself.” ~ Melanie

“One day, during a marathon stroking session with my husband, we felt the first wetness of Amrita. Bing! Bing! Bing! We felt like we hit the jackpot. He loves the feeling of me coming on his penis when he’s inside me. Tallulah is right. I am a Super Juicy Sex Goddess, and that power permeates my entire life. Oh, yeah!” ~ Lotus

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Guarantee #1: “G-Spot Accuracy” Guarantee

After going through the FLO program, you’ll be able to locate the G-Spot with pinpoint accuracy — even when it “moves around” — even with different women.
Guarantee #2: “Stroke Maestro” Guarantee
You’ll also have a wide range of G-Spot stroking techniques, sequences and patterns that have proven to drive thousands women over the edge and into full-body squirting orgasms over and over again.
Guarantee #3: Awaken Her Vulva Guarantee
These techniques will “awaken” a woman’s vulva so she can allow herself to experience the best squirting orgasms of her life. Nothing’s going to stop the flowing waters once the floodgates are opened!
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To Squirting Heaven,

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