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Main eBook 1 Liquid Orgasms Revealed Share this with your partner for enhanced pleasure, healing, and deeper love making.


Step-By-Step Stroking Video Sessions 7 Watch Robert Stroke Ripple Into Squirting Ecsasty As Tallulah Talks You Through The Whole Session Seven exclusive, explicit yet tasteful videos of an actual “squirt date” under my instruction.

Squirt Date Video

  1. Anatomy
  2. Warm Up
  3. Clitoral Stroking
  4. G-Spot Strokes
  5. Second Finger
  6. Free Form Squirting
  7. More Free Form Squirting


Video Demonstrations 9 Sensitive, Artful Training Videos Show Real Women Ejaculating Extraordinary film footage, tastefully produced with art and imagery that celebrates the divine feminine and shows the various ways that women squirt – solo/partnered, gushing, trickles, with toys, with fingers, with penis and partner…

Real Women Squirting Artful Video

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Female Ejaculation?
  3. Awakening the G-Spot
  4. Why Women Don’t Ejaculate
  5. The Blended Orgasm
  6. PC Muscles
  7. Giving Birth To a Squirting Orgasm
  8. A Beautiful Couple
  9. Solo Squirt Scene and Conclusion


Audio Tutorials 6 Tallulah Talks You Through Your Journey Get encouragement, insight and deeper explanations with these guided audio adventures.
1 – The Mind Body Check In
2 – Her Clit Boner
3 – Finding Her G-Spot
4 – The Blended Orgasm
5 – PC Muscle Exercises
6 – Putting It All Together


Audio Interviews 4 Sexual Experts Interviewed For Their Best Kept Secrets About Female Ejaculation Hear more on the subject of squirting from renown experts who devote their lives to the field of orgasmic potential.


Resource Guide 1 The Most Helpful G-Spot & Female Ejaculation Toys and Accessories G-Spot toys Tallulah personally recommends. From vibrators, to sensual furniture to the “Rolls Royce” of lubricants to pelvic muscle exercisers to cock rings, you get a complete shopping guide to toys that perform.

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